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PRESCHOOL MOM & KIDS is an Online Shop of Montessori Material, Montessori Reading Flashcards, Preschool home based teaching activities, top quality wooden puzzles, Skill building Edu. Toys, Toddlers school and home use furniture and Stationery.

PRESCHOOL MOM & KIDS is a branch of ALISHAH EARLY LEARNING RESOURCES which came into being in 1999. It has evolved with the help, guidance and input of Montessori teachers and many extraordinary individuals. Our product helps little ones to explore, learn and create. Our Montessori Reading Flashcards are excellent quality and lasting value. Flashcards are 150 micron very hard laminated. Colorful pictures & easy to read lowercase print focus child’s attention on the lesson at hand. Our Flashcards can be used for carrying out various activities i.e. Reading & Matching, Odd-one-out, Sorting, Memory Game, and Matching & Pairing. Our Montessori resources and Flashcard helps teaching individual with Developmental Delays, Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Dyslexia, Speech Problem, Differently-able kids, Slow Learner’s and Montessori/ Early childhood educators and parents around the world. Preschool teachers and parents will find a wide variety of high quality, hard laminated, and the most reasonable product not readily available elsewhere – Guaranteed. Our Flashcards provides a solid root system to build the childrens’ vocabulary & to be a springboard for early reading skills.