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Montessori Early Childhood Educational Teaching Materials




GOLDEN BEAD MATERIAL – Complete Set a) Golden bead cubes of 1000 w/box  b) Golden Bead square of 100, 10 w/box

c) 45 G.B. bars of 10 beads w/box  d) 100 G.B. in a box  e) 9 Wooden cubes of 1000 in a box  f) 45 wooden squares of 100 in a box

g) Small tray to hold 10 beads in box h) Small wooden block to hold 10 unit beads  i) long tray to hold: a, b, g, h

j) Tray to hold: e and f. k) Decimal symbol cards in 3 boxes 1-9, 10-90, 100-900, 1000-3000(small)  l) Decimal system cards in 1 box 1-9, 10-90, 100-900, 1000-9000 (small) m) Decimal system cards in 1 box  n) 2 large tray to hold materials (BEAD SIZE – 8MM)