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Montessori Large Bead Frame

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Large Bead Frame

– A large bead frame similar to the small one but with 7 wires across, representing the number categories up to the units of millions.
– Notation paper- see sample for description.

Remember to give the child numbers with zeros in them in each presentation.


The Introduction and the notation of the material are done in the same way as in the Small Bead Frame. Be sure to give the child examples of numbers with zeros in them.

The diagram below shows the finished frame when the child was asked to make: 2 347 231

montessori, large bead framemontessori, passage to abstraction large bead frame

Static and Dynamic addition
The presentation is also similar to the Small Bead Frame for Static Addition and for Dynamic Addition. In the millions category, you must keep the numbers low enough to be made of the frame.

Static and Dynamic substraction
Subtraction is done in the same way as with the Small Bead Frame but you can have a minuend that begins with a million.

Multiplication is also done in a similar manner as on the Small Bead Frame. The different is you can have a multiplicand that begins with millions.


To show the relationship between categories of the decimal
To clarify position and place value.

Practice with reading and writing of large numbers.

Control of Error
The child’s own ability and the colored lines on the paper.

5 1/2 – 6 years onwards